Saturday, January 11, 2014

HALF PRICE Handmade Corduroy Peasant Skirt for Girls

A couple years ago, I pulled out a pretty piece of dusty purple corduroy fabric from my stash, and decided to turn it into a girls peasant skirt.
As I was getting ready to cut it out however, I discovered that the fabric had been left folded so long that there was a discolored mark running down the middle of the entire piece of fabric. Not wanting to waste the fabric, I went ahead and cut out and sewed the skirt since the fabric was still plenty usable!

The finished skirt turned out nicely in spite of the discoloration. The line down the middle of the fabric doesn't show too much in the skirt and almost looks like another seam.

This girls size 6/8 purple corduroy peasant skirt is made with a medium weight fabric that would be just perfect for cold winter days! The four tiered skirt measures 24 inches in length and has an elastic waist of 21 inches.

Since this skirt has a flaw in it, I'm offering it for a discounted price of $15 plus $6 shipping. That's half price! If you're looking for a handmade, modest corduroy peasant skirt for a good price, this skirt is for you! I only have one though, so act quickly! Just drop me an e-mail at joyfullysewn [at] gmail [dot] com to let me know you want this skirt, and I'll be happy to send you a PayPal invoice.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

iPad Mini Giveaway

Rafflecopter is running a great giveaway with prizes including
an iPad mini and a $200 Amazon gift card! Check it out below.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Book Triple Creek Ranch Book One 99 Cents TODAY ONLY!

My sister is celebrating the release of her newest Book
Triple Creek Ranch - Unbroken 
with a count down sale on Amazon! Today only the Kindle version of the book is only 99 cents!!

Triple Creek Ranch Book One is the first in a series of three books, and has been named by her test readers as my sister's best book yet!! If you love to read or have children or grandchildren who love to read, my sister would be THRILLED if you would consider purchasing it.

If you'd like to get a little taste of what the book is like, you can read the first 10, 000 words here.

"The blazing sun was well past mid day, and the air was hot and heavy. The fields were green with rows of fast drying hay turning golden brown. Soon it would be time to load the hay wagons, and Jenelle shook her head at the thought of the long, hot days before them. A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts and opening it she found a neighbor boy.
    “Pa and I were just in town and picked up your mail for you, Mrs. Mavrich. Pa didn’t think you’d be getting there this week.”
    Jenelle smiled. “Why thank you, Ted. I’m sure we won’t. Not with Norman trying to get the fences fixed so they can move the horses. Tell your Pa we’re much obliged.”
    Waving, Ted ran back to the wagon which was waiting for him at the end of the lane.
    Thumbing quickly through the mail, Jenelle paused and looked at the last envelope with a frown.
    “This looks important,” she murmured dropping the rest of the mail on the table and stepping out into the heat..."