Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shutterfly & Artscow

I'm definitely not a professional photographer, but I do enjoy taking nature photos when I can. In the spring and summer when the flowers are in bloom, it's fun to take my camera outside and see what I can capture. Flowers make beautiful photos, but when you add birds, bees or butterflies, then the photos are even more special! :)

Once I have captured a photo I like, I enjoy turning those photos into photo cards (like the one in the post below), calendars, or other photo gifts. Shutterfly and Artscow are the two photo companies I have used the most, and I really like both of them.

Shutterfly offers really nice photo books, calendars, photo cards, and many other photo gifts besides many sizes of photo prints. I've been pleased with everything I've gotten from them. You can also get CASH BACK on your Shutterfly purchases when you order through Shop at Home, Big Crumbs, or E-bates! Combining that with a free shipping promotion and/or sales, and you can get a really good deal on your photos or photo gifts! If you haven't tried Shutterfly yet, you can get 50 free photo prints just for signing up!

Artscow is another of my favorite photo places! Not only do they have wonderful photo gifts (books, calendars, mugs, magnets, key chains, tote bags, camera cases, etc.) and prints, they are also known for their great coupons and FREE product codes!  When you sign up, you receive 1200 free photo prints (600 4x6 and 600 5x7), 3 free 8x8 photo books, plus other gifts! There is also a forum where you can ask other members for certain coupon codes or share ones that you aren't going to be using!

If you're in need of photos or photo gifts, I'd encourage you to try out one of these photo sites!

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P.I.C.'s by Breanna said...

Hi Sarah!
This is Breanna! I like your bird picture!! :) Shutter-fly and Artscow sound like they would be neat to use. I will definitely have to check them out! I've heard of them before, but haven't ever known of anyone who's used them. If you've been pleased with them than I'm sure they are great!! :) Just thought I'd say hi!!! Hope your day is going amazing!!