Thursday, February 24, 2011

Etsy Kids Spotlight - Little Elephant Company

Here is another great shop from the Etsy Kids Central team:

There are so many fun and cute items in this shop that I had a hard time picking which pictures to show off to you!

The first things that caught my attention were the adorable hair bow holders. I make matching hair bows for nearly all the dresses and skirts I sell, and I know how hard it is to keep track of them all! These special holders would dress up any little girls' room and keep all her hair clips in one spot!

Hair bow holders are certainly not the only thing Little Elephant Company sells. This shop was originally started to sell quilt holders. "The only type of quilt hanger that I knew of was a bulky wooden block type. I wanted something cute and inexpensive. After much thought and creativity, I had the perfect idea! After the many comments from family and friends on how adorable the clips were and questions of where I had gotten them, I figured other moms were looking for the same thing for their nurseries. So I created the Little Elephant Company to produce these delightful quilt clips that turn treasured quilts and comforters into charming hanging artwork. You can be confident in your purchases of my quilt clips. They are a painted wood shape with a plastic clip (no worries about rust!) that is securely and safely attached with an industrial strength bond. You can hang the clips easily with a long nail placed at a 45 degree angle to the wall. Just simply slide the back of the clip over the nail."




Doesn't she make the cutest things? :) So, if you're decorating your child's room or looking for a special gift for someone, just amble over to Little Elephant Company, and find just the right personalized item!

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