Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another Yummy Groupon Deal!

This morning I found another yummy looking Groupon Deal in my inbox. If you haven't signed up for Groupon yet, now would be a great time to do it! They send out 1 or 2 e-mails a day with a one huge deal (I think the deals are at least 50% off). Although most of the deals I've seen haven't interested me, every once in a while one comes in that I get excited about. And the deals are sometimes local, so different parts of the country will get different deals!

Not only can you purchase Groupons for yourself, you can also purchase them as gifts and send them to the recipient! It's a great way to get a good deal on Christmas, birthday or other special occasion gifts!

The deal that caught my attention this morning is for Nutty Guys. For the next 2 1/2 days, you can get a $25 voucher for just $10. That's 60% off! I've never tried any of their products, but I've seen them on different blogs before, and I've wanted to check them out, and now would be a perfect time to do it!

Nutty Guys does NOT just sell nuts. In fact the things I'm most interested in trying aren't nuts at all, but the great variety of dried fruit they carry! I LOVE dried fruit, and except for apples which we usually dehydrate ourselves in the fall, I don't get it very often. :)

They also carry nuts (of course :)), candy, different mixes, granola, nut butters, an assortment of organic items, gift baskets and more! I love the fact that you can customize the gift baskets!! You get to choose what items go in the basket! I thought that was great!!

Want to purchase your own $25 Groupon to Nutty Guys for just $10? Here's how to do it.

To get the deal:

1. Sign up for a Groupon account (or log in).
2. Click this link and purchase your Groupon.
3. Your Groupon wil be sent to your e-mail address.
4. Go Shopping!

Note: If you do not yet have a Groupon account, I'd LOVE to have you sign up using my referral link as that would give me $10 in Groupon bucks! :) Thanks so much!

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nellyo said...

Too late for this deal :( But I will be visiting their website, these candies look amazing!