Monday, September 5, 2011

Half Price Girls Peasant Skirt [SOLD]

Everyone likes a bargain, right? :) I have a girls size 6/8 brown floral peasant skirt here for sale.

This skirt is really pretty, and I thoroughly enjoying it as I cut and sewed it up thinking how perfect it would be for Fall for some little girl. I was almost finished with the skirt and was checking the gathers when I noticed something. This fabric had a flaw in it!! I hadn't seen it when I was cutting it out. I hadn't seen it when I was sewing it, but there it was. A little row of holes in the fabric! There was no way I could cover this flaw up like I did here. There was also no way I was just going to throw this skirt out!

I went ahead and finished the skirt and decided to offer it for sale here on my blog. I'm offering a 50% discount on this skirt since it has a flaw in the fabric. Just looking at the skirt you do NOT notice the flaw. You have to be really looking for it to even be able to see it most of the time, but of course I can't sell the skirt at full price with the flaw!

So here's your chance to purchase this brand new rich brown floral tiered peasant skirt for your daughter for just half price! Normally these skirts are $25 plus shipping. I'm offering this one for $12.50 plus shipping ($5). If you are interested in purchasing this, please contact me joyfullysewn at gmail dot com. I only have one half price skirt, so the first one to contact me will get the skirt.

I also have a size 8/10 matching skirt that will soon be listed in my shop (full price). If you have two sisters who would like matching skirts and want to purchase it with the half price skirt, just let me know. :)

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