Monday, April 25, 2011

New Creationz Feature

I am excited to bring you another feature post about another talented Artfire (and Etsy) artist! I was first attracted to New Creationz when I saw her beautiful photography note cards. I really like photo cards made with nature photos, and loved these. I've never been out of the US, and find it especially intriguing to see nature photos from other countries!

Photo cards aren't the only things in this beautiful shop though, so without more words from me, let me introduce you to New Creationz.

Please tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Jocelyn and I live in New Zealand, that beautiful island also known as Aotearoa or  'Land of the long white cloud'. I am married and have three children, the eldest of which recently left our 'nest' and is studying in the South Island of NZ. My day job is a teacher working with special needs kids and when I am not busy with that you will find me in my studio creating to my hearts content or spending time with my family. I also enjoy the amazing beaches and walking tracks New Zealand has to offer.

How and when did you become interested in your craft?
I have always enjoyed crafting but became more serious about my painting and photography when I moved to New Zealand 15 years ago. ( I am origianlly from South Africa)

What inspired you to open your shop?
I really needed an outlet for my art. My walls were getting too crowded! Whilst I did sell bits and pieces locally and had my paintings featured in shows, I really liked the idea of having my own little 'shop' online. It has opened up a whole new world to me, literally!

What inspires you to create your work?
Living in New Zealand is an inspiration in itself. The blue ocean and green hills are often reflected in my paintings and my photography. A big part of my inspiration  comes from the Creator of it all. I am continually amazed at the beauty God has set before me.

Have you taken any courses or classes?
I am pretty much self taught. I learn along the the way and do lots of reading. My painting style is great for experimentation - I love to try out new ways of doing things. My head is always full of new ideas.

In your opinion, what sets you apart from the rest?
I don't actually make an effort to be different, though I guess I should. I think my style has just delevoped on its own. It's just me, I don't think I could be anyone else if I tried! I try to use my photography and art in as many practical ways as possible and have developed a range of packaging boxes, stationery, coasters, bookmarks, jewelry... the list goes on!

What are 5 things that you could never do without in your craft?
Camera, paint, canvas, paper, computer

What’s the best advice you’ve been given in regards to what you do?
Don't ignore my shop for long! Keep at it, persevere - even in those slow times!

Do you take custom orders? If so, how do they work?
Yes! Most of my items are customizable, especially the packaging boxes or digital stationery packs where I can add your shop name or any message. I can include wording on any of my prints or cards. And there is no extra charge!

Why do you do what you do?
Because I would not be doing what I was born to do. I am compelled to create. This is my gifting and it would not be right to not do it. Besides I would be grumpy if anyone stopped me!

How do you make time to craft?
A very good question! between my day job and my family and other commitments, time is very limited. I create in fits and starts, grabbing a moment here and a moment there, which means I never get anything finished in one sitting.. I know this would probably drive most people batty but this is the only way I can get things accomplished.
What advice would you give someone new to online selling?
Be prepeared to give it your all if you want to make a go of it. It takes lots of time to establish your shop and your online presence. Don't give up too soon, but persevere. Sales can take a while to start trickling through, but when they do come, it is so worth it!

Isn't her work beautiful?! I've only given you a small sampling of Jocelyn's work here though. Go take a look at her shop and take advantage of the coupon code she is offering to my blog readers! The coupon FEATURE20 can be used at checkout to receive 20% off your purchase until May 9th.

You can also find Jocelyn on Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, and at her blog.


luvncrafts said...

Love newcreatinNZ photo's. It nice to "get to know" her a little better here. Awesome feature!

MYSAVIOR said...

I love Jocelyn's work and I have many items of hers and they are more beautiful in person. I am writing down the coupon code to take advantage of it on May 3!


new creationz said...

Thank you so much for a wonderful feature! You have made me feel very special!
Just a little reminder - the coupon code FEATURE20 is active in my Artfire shop only!

Lbtoyos said...

This shop is great and her owner is a really nice person!!!!

mattscraftywife said...

Jocelyn is a wonderful person and very talented artist! Lovely feature!


Donna (Twinmountainpottery) said...

Jocelyn I love your work and this post about you are and your art is great!

ByNanasHands said...

What a delightful highlight on a very gifted Artisan! Several members of my family were lucky recipients of Jocelyn's work! I especially love her quiet nature shots with words of our Father on them....they make me smile!