Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5 Reasons to Love Artfire

 I have really been excited about my Artfire shop recently. Views AND sales have been picking up. I've sold more items this month on Artfire than I ever have before even in my busiest month on Etsy last year! So for any of you who may be considering expanding to Artfire, here are a few of the things I love about selling on Artfire.

1. No Listing Fees or Final Value Fees - Selling on Artfire is so simple. You just pay one flat rate fee per month. You pay $9.95 a month for a PRO shop, and in exchange get lots of wonderful tools and help, plus a customizable shop, and you never pay listing fees or final value fees! In my Etsy shop, I don't list very many items at a time because it costs me to list them, but on Artfire, I can list items as fast as I can make them and get them photographed. Even if I list a couple dozen items a month, my monthly fee remains the same. And I NEVER have to relist items to be visible!

2. Extremely Helpful and Friendly Sellers - I love the community of sellers on Artfire. If you have a question, want other opinions on something, or are having problems with anything, all you have to do is post in the forums, and you'll find lots of knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful people who will jump in and help you out. You can learn a lot from the Artfire forums about online selling, Artfire tools, SEO, and so much more. These sellers are also more than happy to rejoice with you when you're excited about something!

3. The Global Editor - This is one of my favorite tools on Artfire. On Etsy, if you want to change all of your items to put them on sale, change the shipping price, add a tag, or anything else that you want to do to ALL of your listings, you have to manually edit one listing at a time. If you have 100 items for sale, that is going to take a LONG time! On Artfire though, that problem doesn't exist. The Global Editor makes it possible for you to change all of these things plus more on all of your listings at once, or you can choose just the listings in a specific category, OR you can choose specific listings. This one tool has saved me lots of time!

4. Products Added to Google, The Find, and Other Search Engines - This has probably been the most helpful thing for my shop! Artfire automatically adds your listings to search engines, The Find, etc. So if you have good SEO, your listings are going to be found when people search the internet for that specific item they're looking for. I knew NOTHING about SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) before I started selling on Etsy. I learned a lot there, but it didn't really help me any until I opened up my Artfire shop. My shop and listings on Etsy weren't being added to Google, so nobody outside of Etsy were finding my items. Now with my Artfire shop, nearly all of my sales have been from people who have searched for a specific item on Google or some other search engine and found my shop. It's so fun to click on the incoming URLs and to see my items almost always on the 1st page of the search!

5. Coupons and Gift Certificates - I know Etsy has finally added coupons to their site, but when I first started out on Artfire, they still didn't have that option. I love being able to create coupons for my customers. I can make different coupons for different advertising  options to help track which works best. I'm also loving being able to create gift certificates that can be used at checkout on Artfire. When I do a giveaway for my shop, this makes things so much simpler. Now I can use a gift certificate as the prize, and my winner can just put that code in at checkout for an automatic savings!

So there you have it. Five things I love about selling on Artfire. But you don't have to take my word for it, I'd love to have you come join the Artfire community and see for yourself what a great place it is to sell your handmade items (or even your supplies)! Sign up today for an Artfire PRO shop, and have all these great tools (plus more I haven't mentioned) available to you as well. If you use any of the links in this post when you sign up, you will receive your 3rd month completely free!

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The Merry Fox said...

Artfire is a great place to shop! Rhomy