Friday, August 5, 2011


After the intense heat of the past month, yesterday morning was simply delightful! We had a little bit of rain Wednesday night which brought a much appreciated drop in the temperature. Nearly the whole morning, the temperature was in the 70's!! It was wonderful to be able to go outside without feeling like you just stepped into an oven!

I've been wanting to try to get a few pictures of the little hummingbirds we have in our yard, and yesterday I was finally able to do it. With the cooler temperature, I was able to take the time necessary to wait for these swift little birds to come to the feeder.

It was so fun watching them up close and listening to them. There were two birds - one was a female Ruby-Throated Hummingbird and we're guessing the other one may be a young one.

Neither of them would let the other one anywhere near the feeder while they were drinking! :) They were too quick for me to catch them both at once though. :)

What beautiful creatures these tiny birds are, and what a testimony to our great Creator!


P.I.C.'s by Breanna said...

Neat Pictures!!! I really like the last one!!! Hummingbirds are fun to watch!! :) We have about 20 right now where we are!! We're filling our feeder twice a day!! :-) It is funny, well rather unkind of them, :) to see how they like to "eat" alone. :) At ours there is usually several who fight and a few who just sit and eat. :)

Anonymous said...

we have hummingbird feeders set up at our house right outside the living room and it seems like there are three that fight over one of the feeders!! the other one goes neglected! :-)

tubbytelly at gmail dot com said...

I have only ever seen one hummingbird anywhere at any time. Interesting.