Monday, October 24, 2011

The Unexpected Request - New Book! SALE TODAY ONLY

The Unexpected Request
Hot off the press, brand new, and a great read!

"Ty Elliot returns to his home after an absence of two years, knowing full well the danger which threatens him each hour he lingers in the old cabin in the mountains. But with his father on his death bed and his younger sister exhausted, Ty knows he must remain for a time at least. When his father makes a strange request and begs his returned son to “find her,” Ty promises but is bewildered. Who is he to find? How can he set about the task of honoring his word? The only clues the dying man can give his son are a broken locket, a small photograph of a woman and a few last whispered instructions; “Take care of your sisters.” In confusion, Ty turns to his father’s childhood friend, Carson, for advice. Would the older man be able to help Ty and his sister, Sally? How much time did Ty have at the cabin before ‘they’ found out? Join Ty, Sally and Carson on their journey in search of the missing sister. The dangers they encounter, the hardships they face, as well as the friendly homes they visit, will keep you turning the pages. Set in the untamed west of the mid-1800s, this is a story the whole family will enjoy."

This is my sister's second published book in one year! Her first book
was published earlier this year and just a few weeks ago, this second book was released! She has been posting this story 1.000 words at a time, once a week for months on her blog, and her readers have been EAGERLY awaiting the end of the story.

A Sneak Preview from the Beginning
"A bitter wind struck the two riders full in the face as they crested the ridge. The view of the Sierra Blanca was partly obscured by the low clouds which had moved in after dawn. The towering peaks were still visible, the white of their snow etched against the deep blue sky. The riders reined in, ignoring the frigid bite of the wind to take in the scene. The valley lay before them in the shadow of the clouds while the ridge they were on was in full sunlight. The horses stamped with impatience, tossing their heads, each breath a frosty white cloud in the clear air, and the saddles jingled. The older rider pulled his hat lower over his face to try to block the wind and glanced back over his shoulder at the way they had just come..." Read more here.

"You end each chapter with the feeling that you can't wait to get to the next chapter"
-Christian age 10, Wisconsin
"A western story that shows a young man's determination to keep a promise to his father.  It has lots of unexpected twists that keep you reading!  You won't want to put it down!"
-Abigail age 16, Wisconsin 

"It is a very difficult book to put down with a feeling of anxiousness as to whether the trio will complete their quest. It has each of the character's journeys in their own faith intertwined with adventure, danger and familial compassion."
-Mrs. Paula Frisbey, Wyoming
This book is very well written and has plenty of action an excitement to keep you turning the page. It would make a great Christmas gift for someone who loves to read, or would be perfect for a family read aloud! The book is available through Light of Faith, Amazon
, or straight from the publisher.

Today, October 24th, ONLY, this book is on sale through Light of Faith for only $8.95 (retail $14.95)! Take advantage of this great deal and be one of the first to read The Unexpected Request!

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