Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas Dresses

A few weeks ago I received a custom order for matching Christmas outfits for two sisters. They needed the dresses early for pictures, so I put aside my other projects to work on these outfits. This was my first Christmas order of the year, and I had so much fun making the dresses!

I sent photos to the Mom of different Christmas fabrics that were available in the area fabric stores, and she chose one she liked requesting that I add a coordinating fabric for accents if I thought it would look good. I was able to find just the perfect red to match, and here's what the finished product looked like.

Aren't they sweet! I had fun sewing with all that glitter. :) I think these will make such cute Christmas photos! :) Now I just have to decide what to make out of the extra fabric. :)

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Lois Jones said...

These are absolutely adorable!! I am going to share them with a friend. She would love them!!