Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil SALE

I don't know about you, but our family loves coconut oil. Since we first learned about the health benefits of coconut oil a year or so ago and how bad canola oil is for you, we have completely switched over to using coconut oil in our cooking and baking (along with butter).

I love feeling that I'm actually using something that is GOOD for our family when I use oil to oven fry potatoes or when I use oil in muffins or other baked goods!

We have tried several different brands of coconut oil and by far our favorite is Tropical Traditions! There is a huge difference in quality AND taste! I also love that the Tropical Traditions coconut oil is made on small family farms and their gold label oil is made by hand!
I am so excited that right now Tropical Traditions is running a huge sale on their top of the line Gold Label Organic Coconut Oil. Through Sunday (June 9), you can buy 2 gallons of this very high quality coconut oil for only $99! That is less than half price!! The normal price is $220 for 2 gallons.

Even if you can't use that much coconut oil all at once, maybe you could split this with a friend or even several friends. Sales like this don't come very often, so I'd encourage you to take advantage of it if you can!

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