Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Alaskan Brown Bears Webcam

Did you know that each year over 100 Brown Bears come to the Brooks River in Katmai National Park, Alaska for the biggest Sockeye Salmon run in the world?
Until just a few days ago, I had no idea, but then I found the webcams on Explore.org and have been enjoying the fascinating live video feeds since then! Come on over and check them out for yourself!
Fishing at Brooks Falls
I've learned a lot about the bears not only from watching the webcams but also from the comments and discussions underneath the video and from reading the info on each different webcam and reading the profiles of some of the known bears.
Sunrise over Lower River
A Mama Bear and Her Triplets

I saw this mama bear and her cubs last night. She was one nervous mama and those of us watching soon saw why when a huge male bear headed across the water right towards them. The Ranger who was watching there told us that she took off  running down the road toward Ten Thousand Smokes! The male bear headed her way is named Lurch and has quite the reputation for being aggressive and mean. I'm glad she and her babies got away!


Laura Lane said...

Hi Miss Sarah,
I'm going to take a look. What a cool idea!

Harvest Lane Cottage

Miss Sarah said...

Good! I hope you enjoy it! One of the best times to watch has been in the evenings. This week we've seen both of the mama bears with their cubs on the Falls camera then, and it's SO fun to watch the babies. :)