Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Book!!

We had some major excitement at our house yesterday! For the last 6 years my sister has been working hard writing, writing, writing, and now at long last she has just gotten her first book published!! The review copies arrived yesterday!

It is so exciting to see the fruit of her labors! She is a really good writer, and I'm so glad that she will soon be able to share what she has written with so many others through her book: Home Fires of the Great War.


Civil War...and More! said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Will we be able to buy a copy at the CHEF conference? Lovely cover!

Miss Sarah said...

You sure can! Bekah would love to sell you a copy and sign it for you. :) Unless you'd rather purchase it online and bring it for her to sign. :) We're looking forward to seeing you in June.