Friday, June 17, 2011

I've Been Featured!

A fellow Artfire member blogged about my three little Patriotic outfits this morning. Come take a look at her post of 4th of July Fashions From Head to Toe!

I just started work on one of these skirts yesterday! I'm hoping to have it finished and ready to ship very soon! :)


Marjolaine Belley said...

Sarah, will you dress in a Civil War dress during the CHEF Conference on Tuesday or Wednesday?
I am planning on Tuesday to wear a day dress! Hope to see you there.

Miss Sarah said...

Hi Marjo!

Actually, I won't be dressing up at the conference. I don't even have a Civil War dress. :) Bekah has one though. I'm not sure if she's decide whether or not to bring it to wear though. :) She loves dressing up. :)

See you on Monday or Tuesday.

Todays Treasure said...

There's nothing like a long skirt to make little girls (well bit ones too) feel ultra special. But, a skirt that matches an event ... extra special. The skirt is almost as cute as the girl !