Thursday, June 9, 2011

Make A Purchase - Donate to Tornado Victims

June is my birthday month! I was hoping maybe I could post last week on my birthday and share some of the fun birthday freebies I've signed up for, but I was too busy at the TPA Homeschool Conference. I didn't have internet in the hotel room, and we were WAY too busy working the Light of Faith booth to be able to get a post written during the day when I did have internet. :) Maybe I can post those another day. :)

I did want to take the time to post now though and let you know that I'm doing a special in my Artfire shop this month. My life has been so blessed, and after the tornado 2 1/2 weeks ago, I am even more aware of my blessings. I wanted to do something to help with the tornado relief efforts in our city, so I decided to do a special with my shop.

Little Girls Peasnt Blouse and Skirt Set - Country Americana Size 3/4

For every purchase that is made from Joyfully Sewn Designs on Artfire during the month of June, I will donate 50% of the sales to the Joplin relief efforts. In addition to donating to the tornado relief, I am also offering a special 10% off coupon to any of my blog readers who share about this special on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter. This coupon will be good through June AND July and can be used even if this is not your first purchase from Joyfully Sewn Designs.

To receive your coupon, simply e-mail me the link to where you shared about the special, and I'll send you the coupon code. You can contact me at joyfullysewn at gmail dot com.

So, if you were thinking about making a purchase from my shop, or were wanting to do something to help with the relief efforts, now is your time to combine both of these things! Make a purchase - donate to tornado victims!

Thank you so much for your support and prayers!


luvncrafts said...

Great Idea!! The tornado's do remind us how blessed we are, and should cause us to be thankful! Glad you are helping those in need.

luvncrafts said...

Blogged about your relief effort in my artfire studio:

Miss Sarah said...

Thanks so much for posting about this! I'll send you your coupon. :)

God bless!

Civil War...and More! said...

Thank you, Sarah. I was wanting to post something on my blog, and these links came in handy. Will you (Light of Faith) be heading to another conference directly after the one in St. Charles next week? How feasible is it to bring donation items to the CHEF conference to leave with you? Would this just be too much, considering all the inventory you have to transport?

Miss Sarah said...

If you want to bring donations for the homechool families to the CHEF conference, that would be wonderful. We took home about 2 pallets of donations after the TPA conference. :)

Thanks so much!!